Monday, April 2, 2012

The Land of Dinosaurs

Front cover of a book I made when I was probably 7 years old - a dead Tyrannosaurus rex lying on a bed of grass.

Inside double page spread of what looks like a mountainous landscape with a road leading up to a town. Beyond that, on the right side, glows a rich orange and red sunset. On the left, a dense jungle and an erupting volcano pouring lava and emitting a plume of smoke with a giant skull. Next to that, a large crimson pterodactyl roars while blue lightning bolts flash in the sky!

Another double page illustration in the middle of the book. On the left, a Tyrannosaurus looks triumphant and satisfied after feasting on a kill: a bloody severed leg, a skull and a gored ribcage scatter this brutal scene! On the right, it looks like a close-up of the pterodactyl from the previous page, on top of a volcano with black sky and blue lightning...

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  1. when I was 7, I was still drawing people with arms coming out of their heads.